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ShineNOLA 030907

Gov't Magic
Reality (It Hits You...)

This record is dedicated to everyone strugglin' to rebuild their lives and the City of New Orleans. Hold on to your dreams, we shall overcome!

Extra special thanks to Mike Dillon for setting it off and Anthony Cuccia for making it happen. Lastly, may we never forget the Godfather, James Brown - you changed the world. Where would we be without you?


Allen Dejan tenor sax, Brent Rose tenor sax, Jamelle Williams trumpet, Khari Lee alto sax, Martin Krusche baritone sax, Bru Bruser bass, Dylan "Sticks" Hicks drums, David Hyman guitar, Erik Clerks guitar, Eduardo Tozzatto "Mr T" keyboards. Special guests: Mike Dillon percussion, Anthony Cuccia percussion.

Produced by Bru Bruser
Artwork and Design by W
Year Released: 2007

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