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The Orange Band
The First Day of School

Spool and Timmy first met in a music class at college. As their musicianship grew, so did their friendship. This is the first of many projects planned. Watch out for "The Orange Band."


Timmy Wells vocals + guitars, Spool Stiegman vocals + guitars + programming, Pam Kamphuis vocals, Bill Haden tenor saxophone.
The Orange Kids: Brittney Buckel, Taylor Carrouché, Alexa Engolia, Anthony Engolia, Danielle Engolia, Dominic Engolia, Marley Mongogna, Brady Newman and Todd Weller.

All selections are BMI
Year Released: 2003

For further information about The Orange Band:
Timmy Wells - Tel: 504.394.1138
"Spool" Stiegman, Top Star Productions - Tel: 504.455.7198
The Orange Band Fan Club
4459-B Woodland Drive., New Orleans, LA 70131