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Loren Pickford
River Spirits

River is an infinite pattern and nuance. River is a destination and a point of departure a way home and a way to go forth again. River is mind intent and soul, speaking in a million voices, sounds, tongues beyond comprehension... beyond the heard... breathing plumes, swallowing light... suffering her great weight and roll in the channels... the swirling multitudes... tears lives passed and records not kept. River is heartbeat in the mirror of evening... a transition point beyond the final gate... the way to sing the worlds beyond either shore. River, a place to remember the wordless covenant between land and sky, earth and heaven, birth and death. River... a voice when I cannot remember my own. - Loren Pickford.

Year Released: 2001
Produced by Loren Pickford + Jim Alberts
All music published by Earth Spirit Music (ASCAP)
Design: Parola Design/Metaphor Creative
Photography: Pickford Pictures

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