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Wil Allen
God's Wil

Thanks to my family:
(Wifey) Pamela Allen - thanks for giving me unconditional honor and never giving up on me. From 6th grade, my love for you has not changed.
Wil Jr. - Thanks for letting daddy know when the songs were not just right yet. I needed your approval.
Preston - Thanks for being my #1 fan, and giving me the suga-bye-bumpas.
Devin, Cheris, & Atmathzia - I wish you were here with me.
Mom & Dad - Thanks for making me believe in myself.
Jamila - You started this Mi-Bird!
Grandmama & Granddaddy - If only you could see me now....


Wil Allen lyrics + music, Robin Rorie bass, Toney drums.

Year Released: 2007