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Abitian 103

Bobby Lounge
Bobby's Back In Town - Live

This is a recording of a rare show from the Bobby Lounge Iron Lung Tour show (11/18/06) at the Furhmann Auditorium in Covington, Louisiana. Prof. Calvin Tubbs, Bobby's toastmaster, introduced Bobby to the audience, and Bobby was assisted by his nurse, Gina Pontevecchio. It was recorded on location by George Cureau and mixed at Suitemix Studios, Slidell, Louisiana.....
Thanks to Edward Deano, Gina Granier and Dave Kelsey.

Produced by George Cureau and John Preble
All songs written by Bobby Lounge and published by Bad Ear Publishing (ASCAP)
Year Released: 2005

For further information:
Abitian Records
22275 Hwy 36, Abita Spring, LA 70420