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Harry Mayronne, Jr.
Every Day is Mardi Gras in Heaven

The first song on this album was inspired by longtime friend Becky Allen, a New Orleans icon described by writer Ricky Graham as " the girl with glitter for brains." And who, as my friend Su Gonczy pointed out, believes that Every Day is Mardi Gras in Heaven. I'm joined by heartthrob Chris Wecklein who, although from New York, has lived next door to a local fried pie factory long enough to earn the right to sing this song...


Harry Mayronne, Jr. piano + musical direction + arrangements, Mark Brooks upright bass, Wendell Brunious trumpet, Mark Morris drums

Produced by Harry Mayronne, Jr.
Cover Illustration: Harry Mayronne, Sr.
Graphic Design: Charles Steinbaugh
Year Released: 2000

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