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Chebasco AVL94198

Loup Garou

Loup Garou is a legendary character in south Louisiana. Half man and half dog or wolf, stories of this swamp monster have long given pause to those unfortunate enough to face a trip through the swamps alone at night.....


Sunpie Barnes accordion + harmonica + piano + vocals, Will Ainsworth bass + vocals on tk #7, Jerry Embree sax, Eric Lucero trumpet, Jim Kebodeaux guitar, Harold Brown drums + percussion + vocals on tk #7, Darrel Brown drums on tk #2, Herman Ernest drums on tk #5, David 'Dopsie' Rubin washboard, Lance Ellis sax on tk #3, Lloyd Daly organ + synth, Samirah Evans background vocals, John Dawson guitar on tk #1

Produced by Harold Ray Brown
Year Released: 1994

Sunpie Music, Inc., P.O. Box 13915, New Orleans, LA 70185
Record Chebasco, P.O. Box 6141, Diamondhead, MS 39525-6141
Tel: 601.255.9908, Fax: 601.255.5178