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Black Top BT-1154

Mike Morgan & The Crawl Featuring Lee McBee
I Like the Way You Work It!

Mike Morgan & The Crawl wish to thank God, Robert & Shirley Morgan, Michelle Morgan, Roberta Morgan, Pamela Rhoades, Casey & Chase Rhoades, Carla Nakata, Marty at Hair Inc., Robert Mauck, Teresa Medley, John, Marilyn, Adrienne Bradley, Uncle Bill Anderson, Charlotte, Rex & Flossie....

Produced by Mike Morgan and Hammond Scott
Executive Producer: Nauman S. Scott III
Production Coordinator Heather West
Cover photography by Chuck Clark, Garland, Texas
Design by Zigzag, New Orleans
Year Released: 1999

For further information:
Black Top Records
P.O. Box 56691, New Orleans, LA 70156
Tel: 504.895.7239