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Burke Ingraffia

In the summer of 2000 I ran into Cale Pellick at Whole Foods on Esplanade Avenue. It had been eight years or so since we both began as jazz studies students at U.N.O. Unlike Cale, I never finished that degree, being much too undisciplined and finding that no one cared that I wrote charming little folk songs. Recently, Cale and I began to arrange five of my new songs to record. He called in Mark Anderson and Ted Ludwig, and we were also lucky to have a friend from our U.N.O. days, Paul Turnipseed. I knew the songs stood on their own, but what these guys have added amounts to the best representation of my vision as a songwriter. It is with great pleasure and pride that I present these works to you....


Burke Ingraffia vocals + guitar, Cale Pellick drums + alto saxophone + piano + Hammond B-3 organ + accordion + Fender Rhodes piano + tambourine, Mark Anderson bass, Ted Ludwig guitar on "Undercover," Paul Turnipseed slide guitar on "Everything is Wet"

Year Released: 2001
Produced by Cale Pellick
Executive Producers Stephen B. Murray, Jr. + Ed Ingraffia

For further information:

Burke Ingraffia
Tel: (504) 897.0087

Cale Pellick
Tel: (504) 227.9667