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Kitty Cleveland
Sacred Arias

Special thanks to: my husband, Mel Rogers, whose gentleness, love, fidelity and dedication carried me through this project (and through so much else); whose musicianship shines in the arrangements and flute playing; and whose companionship warms my soul, For their friendship, prayers, support and sacrifices: Murray and Jean Claire Cleveland; Carl and Joey Cleveland (Mom and Dad); Jim and Rachelle Woodard; Davis and Ann Jemison....
This recording is dedicated to my beloved grandmother, Patricia Woodward Richardson. March 9, 1919 - October 19, 2001.


Kitty Cleveland vocals, Cathy Anderson harp, Carolyn Anderson violin, Ann Taylor violin, Lauren Lemmler viola, Karen Jung cello, Ron Benko trumpet, Mary Kay Young oboe + English horn, Greux Montegut piano + organ + harpsichord, Mel Rogers flute + keyboard.

Year Released: 2000
Produced by Mel Rogers

For booking and further information:
P.O. Box 10766, New Orleans, LA 70181