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Cafe Au Lait CAL2469

Lenny McDaniel
The Blues Side

Special thanks to Ann McDaniel & Cleo, Dr. F. Merritt Ayad, Dr. Anthony Johnson, John Livacarri, Carole Kahn, Scott Thomas, Bernie Cyrus, Andi & Mike Montero, Harry Ravain, Mike Barras, Alan Rigg, Kateri Yager, Theresa Andersson, Elizabeth Carter, Mike Lemmler, Robinson Mills, Paul Trahan, Mea Culpa Studio, Tim Stambaugh, Logan & Lori Smith, Nick Chetta, Ralph Bowers, Jimmy Glickman....

Produced by Lenny McDaniel
All songs administered by Bug Music (BMI)
Art design and production: Scott Saltzman
Photography: Scott Saltzman
Year Released: 1999

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