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C Student Records CSR22201

The Myrtles
Nowhere to Be Found

The Myrtles sprouted in Baton Rouge, La. when former Becky Sharp (Way Cool Music/MCA Records) vocalist Gabe Daigle penned a set of songs and enlisted friends from noisy rock bands (Becky Sharp, Girl Scout Heroin) and quirky combos (Liquidrone, Bones) to take a stab at country music. Whether they missed it by a mile or nicked a major artery is a matter of opinion, which means they must be doing something right. The Myrtles straddle the fence between indie rock and alt-country - too noisy sometimes to be country, too lilting and gentle sometimes to be rock. Daigle's songs and voice are definitely informed by the alt-country movement and its country rock predecessors, but the band harnesses a stronger sense of rock dynamics and more firepower than usually employed....


Gabe Daigle voices + guitar + keyboards, Lee Barbier guitars + keyboards, John Kaufman drums, Talice Lee violin, Michael Miller bass.

Year Released: 2002
Produced and Mixed by Lee Barbier, Gabe Daigle & Fred Weaver
Recorded by Fred Weaver at Apocalypse The Apocalypse Studios, Baton Rouge, La.
Cover Painting - National Security - ©2000 Rusty Culotta
Design by Lee Barbier

For further information:
C Student Records, 222 Laurel Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70801