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Daydream DW4001

Daydreams and Curry
Attract Opposites

Daydreams and Curry is about expression and fun with creativity. The purpose of this band is to grow, and continue to learn. Continue to make music of the soul, from the heart.

This avenue was created by songwriters/musicians Dasher and Greg Wiz. Both are from Baltimore, Maryland where they played in band together during the early 90's. After traveling across America with touring bands, they now dock the ship in New Orleans.

After recording several demo tapes, in 1996 Dash/Wiz recorded their first full-length CD Attract Opposites.

All songs composed and produced by Dasher Egger and Greg Wiz
Year Released: 1996

For more information, contact:
Dasher Egger, Daydream Productions,
4877 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA 70115