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Flying Frog 9902

Silverwood Quartet

In 1996, four musicians came together almost by accident to perform in a routine manner, but the four brought a special spark to their work, and they soon knew that their diverse musical backgrounds and tastes begged for more than just the standard chamber music repertoire. Since then, Silverwood, a flute, violin, viola and cello quartet, has played on concert series along the Gulf Coast and for thousands of school children in concerts sponsored by the Mobile Symphony.


Andrea Bohnet flute + alto flute + piccolo + Celtic harp, Tom Morley violin, Annie Wehner viola, Holly Compton cello


Four Fancies - Gordon Jacob
Bosnian Folk Suite - trad., arr. Jones/Velagic + Silverwood
Year Released: 1999
Produced by Andra Bohnet + Tom Morley

For further information, contact:
Flying Frog Music
PO Box 177, Fairhope, AL 36533