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Glitter N' Gold
Naturally New Orleans

A high energy show band hailing out of New Orleans, Louisiana. This group will have you out of your seat and on to the dance floor before you know it. Audience participation is their star hallmark. You, the spectator, become part of the act by struttin' second lines, dancing and interacting with performers both on stage and in the viewing area. Lots of props are used top enhance the show, 'break the ice' and 'loosen up' the crowd. If you don't have fun, have a good time and enjoy yourself at this show, then you're not breathing!...


Franklin A. Jones (Mr. Gold) lead vocals + keyboards + synthesizers, Miki Jones (Ms. Glitter) vocals, Salvadore "Sammy" Marchese, III drums + percussion, Micky Harris lead guitar + rhythm guitar.

Produced by Frank Ashley
All selections written by F.A. Jones (BMI)
Vocal arrangements and production by Miki Jones (Ms. Glitter)
Cover Art by L.J. 'Trae' Miller, III
Year Released: 1999

For booking and other information:
Glitter N' Gold
3856 N. Timbers Ct., Harvey, LA 70058
Tel: 504.341.2848