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Idiotnik IR-2701

Doctor a' Go-Go
Hot Girlie Action

Heap Big Thanks: Impala. The Henchmen. Lynda & Lorraine. Steve Thomas & Alex Rawls. Kelly & Lefty @ The Circle Bar. Rio & Keith @ El Matador. Eric & Jenny @ Carrollton Station. Wayne & Chopper & Sonny @ The House of Blues. Fuckerhead. Bill DuTurk & Miss Conduct & DJ Flea Market. Jim Krause. Brian Lutz. Steve Watson. Jay Fallo. Ritchie Champaigne. Connie Zimmermann. Doug Garrison.

Jay "Weirdo" Thomas organ + vocals, Ron Hotstream guitar + vocals, DC Harbold bass + vocals, Joey Torres drums + vocals. Featuring: Doctor Sarah Go-Go & Nightnurse Stephanie. Special Guest: Elisabeth "Shakey E" Gill percussion.
Produced and mixed by Doctor a' Go-Go
Photos: Jeff Pounds
Layout & Design: Hans "Fuckerhead" Haveman/subgraphics
Cover Art: Tony Van de Walle
Year Released: 2003

For further information:
Idiotnik Records
P.O. Box 24071, New Orleans, LA 70184-4071