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Louis Ford

In the case of Reflections, the saying "A chip off the old block", is applicable to this recording by New Orleans clarinetist and saxophonist Louis Ford because his father, Clarence Ford, was one of the most developed clarinetists and saxophonists in the late forties and fifties. Louis is one of the musicians in his generation who is immersed in "traditional" New Orleans music. We should look for other projects in the future - Alvin Batiste


Louis Ford - Boehm clarinet + Albert system clarinet, soprano sax, tenor sax (trks 1-17). Additional musicians below.

Produced and arranged by Louis F.J. Ford for Ford Music Productions
Album cover: Claude Dussel, Paris, France
Original album design: Ronda Seymour
Illustration and lettering: Ronda Seymour
Year Released: 2001

For further information:
Ford Music Productions, Inc.
2908 Sherwood Drive, LaPlace, LA 70068
Tel: 985.651.9460