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M.J. Baby & the Last Word

Thank you's: Melinda: To Matt - "Gratitude," for believing, and for helping to bring my songs, and my spirit, to life. I love you. To Tim Stambaugh for his infallible ear and technical genius. To Diana Thornton and Crescent Music Services for your incredibly helpful website and professionalism.... Matt: Melinda - Extra special thanks for giving me the opportunity to have the best studio experience ever! And for your patience, trust and above all, your heart. Tim - for being the most awesome engineer, for your patient guidance and support, and for never saying no....


Melinda Rothouse vocals + bass guitar + harmonium (track 12), Matthew DeOrazio guitars + drums (track 9) + additional drums (tracks 1, 2,) + harmonium (track 2) + second harmonium (track 12), Eddie Ecker drums + piano (track 9), David Loayza tumbadoras + bongos + minor percussion .

Produced by Melinda Rothouse, Matthew DeOrazio and Tim Stambaugh
Photographs by Matthew DeOrazio, Melinda Rothouse and Grant Ingram
Graphic design by David Loayza, Melinda Rothouse and Matthew DeOrazio
Year Released: 2004

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