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Ronnie Kole

I don't think that you could disagree, that these are most of the great pop composers of the 20th century. I did not record this CD with that in mind. I just sat down and started to play, and when it was all over with, I realized that I had amassed a CD made up of Gershwin, Rodgers, Porter, Kern, Berlin, Waller, Arlen, Wilson, Garner, Strayhorn/Ellington and Webber. Wow! what heavyweight composers to choose music from.

Enjoy these great selections to a bottle of fine wine and with your favorite person at your side. That's what I intend to do... Gardner, where are you?

Produced by Ronnie Kole + Christopher M. Schneider
Year Released: 1999

For further information, contact
Ronnie Kole
P.O. Box 5519, Slidell, LA 70469
Tel: 504.524.5716