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Monkey Hill 8142

Michael Ray & The Cosmic Krewe
Funk If I Know

Let me tell you about the night I figured it all out. Not just one particular "it," or some of "it," but "IT" - the whole universe, the entire cosmos, the big picture. Not just the proverbial Whole Enchilada, but the plate, the table it sits upon, knife, fork and spoon for sour cream - everything. Well, at least I thought I had figured it all out ....


Michael Ray trumpet + synth + vocals, Eddie Dejean drums + vocals, Bob Gulotti drums, Kevin O'Day drums + vocal rap, Stacy Starkweather bass, Jimbo Walsh bass, Adam Klipple piano + synth, Joshua Q. Paxton piano + synth + organ, Tim Green tenor sax, Clarence Johnson alto + tenor sax, Don Glasgo trombone, Dave Grippo alto saxophone, Martin Krushe tenor sax, Michael Skinkus percussion + vocals, Steve Ferraris percussion. Rob Zuchowski guitar, Ricky Castrillo guitar.
Additional Musicians: Curtis Woodard vocals, Pam Landrum vocals, Andy Wolf vocals, Manuel Lander vocals, Gregory Boyd steel pans, Janna Saslaw flute.
Special Guests: John Mediski clavinet, Delfeayo Marsalis trombone, Trey Anastasio guitar.

Produced by Michael Ray and Co-Produced by Richard Bird
Executive Producer: Frank Quintini
Cover Design: Ian Mundee at Studio Mundi, Inc.
Year Released: 1998

For management + booking, contact:
Gloria Powers, Rhythm & Muse
International Entertainment Resources
P.O. Box 57405, New Orleans, LA 70157, USA, Planet Earth

Monkey Hill Records
804 Spain Street, New Orleans, LA 70117