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Orleans OR-2711

Josephine Mills
This Is Love


Josephine Mills lead vocal + background vocal (1,3,5,7,8), Willie Tee piano (1,7,8,9) + Hammond B-3 (7), Will Barnett drums, Dave Hyde bass, Carlo Ditta guitar (2,4) Moog solo (3), Allen Poche guitar (1,3,5,8,10), Joe Krown Hammond B-3 (9), Rick Allen Rhodes + Kurweil (2,3,5,6,10), Frank Richard Roland keyboard (1,4,6,8), Dawn Richard background vocal (2,6,8,9), Brian "Breeze" Cayolle alto/tenor sax (2,9) Andrew Baham trumpet (7), Roger Kennedy congas + wind chimes (2).

Produced by Carlo Ditta
Photography by Tracie Morris Schaefer/Donn Young Photography, Inc.
Year Released: 2003

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