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O.T.S. OTS1101

Quintin Gerard W.
Before It's Gone

I would like to say "Thank You" to the fiollowing: Kenny Garrett, Ron Brown, Peggy Paarman, Ricky Lawson, Giorgio Bertucelli, Ricardo Thomas, Kim Giles, Neal Sapper, Jonathan Widran, David Campbell, Raymond Naquin, David and Gloria Goldstein, James Cornell, Marcus Lewis, all of my friends from Crush Creative and Newell Colour, Under the Lake, Darryl Spencer, Deangelo Berkeley, Albert Davis, Jimmy Sullivan, Amanda Wheatley, Nicole Szekeres, Dr. Carl Phillips and Dr. Toni Phillips, SLU, Loyola University, and to all of my family and friends who helped make this effort possible!

Produced by Quintin Gerard W. for O.T.S. Music! & Fnkysax Music Productions
Executive Producer: Patricia D. Cunningham
Year Released: 2011

Booking Info:
TWA Entertainment, tel: 504.456.4771