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Mambo Goddess PS-003

The Pfister Sisters
Change in the Weather

The Pfister Sisters have been preserving and celebrating the vocal jazz style pioneered by New Orleans own Boswell Sisters since 1979. In 1999 we were joined by Debbie Davis replacing original member Suzi Malone. Since then we've been clamoring to return to the studio and document what we feel is the best music we've made to date. In 2003 we began recording, and our independent label, Mambo Goddess Records, was born. 2004 marks our 25th anniversary and, whether you've been with us since the beginning or this is your first year you've heard of us, thank you for buying this disc. May there be many more.


The Pfister Sisters are: Holley Bendtsen, Debbie Davis, Yvette Voelker Cuccia and Amasa Miller on piano, with Jim Markway on bass, Jimmy Ballero on guitar, Gerald P. French on drums, Charlie Miller on trumpet, Rick Trolsen on trombone, Ken "Snakebite" Jacobs on saxophone. Special guest: Hector Gallardo on percussion.

Produced by Yvette Cuccia
Executive Producer: The Pfister Sisters
Photo tinting and manipulation: Virginia Bullers
Graphic design and manufacturing by Diana Thornton
Year Released: 2003
Orchestrations by Amasa Miller except track 6 by Matt Perrine and tracks 5 & 12 by Charlie Miller.

For further information:
Yvette Voelker Cuccia,
1510 Sylvia Ave., Metairie, LA 70005