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Rabadash RAB-008

Doug Duffey
danger, sex and sound fx

To me, too, will Love yield; though, with his bow, he should wound my breast, and should brandish his torches hurled against me. The more that love has pierced me, the more he has relentlessly inflamed me; so much the fitter avenger shall I be of the wounds so made. We will sing of guiltless delights, and of the thefts allowed; and in my song there shall be nought that is criminal...... Ovid, 43 B.C.


Doug Duffey vocals + piano + keyboards, Anders Osborne guitar + keyboard + drums + background vocal, Jimmy Messa bass, Louie Ludwig keyboard + drums + background vocal, John Katz guitar, Russell Thomas guitar, John Autin keyboard, Nora Wixted background vocal
Produced by Louie Ludwig, Anders Osborne and Doug Duffey
Year Released: 1993

Doug Duffey Music
2196 Prairie Road, Monroe, LA 71202-8175