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Rampart Street Music RS100-025

Friendly Travelers
Search My Heart

First giving thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and to God for His unconditional Love. We would like to give sincere thanks and much love to Rampart Street Music, Al, Mr. V. and Mick. Thanks for having faith in us. May God continue to bless you. Much love to our European brothers, Giancarlo Trenti, Andreas bka Cheki Pietro, Simon Slim, Hannis Anrig, Gerrold, our beautiful wives, Josephine, Louise, Miss B. & Antoinette and Nadine for all her love and support. Special thanks to all of our many friends and supporters. Thanks, The Friendly Travelers.


Floyd Turner guitar + vocals, Alfred Pens vocals, L.D. Hiriams vocals, Wanda Joseph bass + vocals. Additional musicians: James Varnado drums, Fleming Broglin keyboards, Hezakiah Brinson strings + keyboard, Alfred Caston guitar + bass, Jevon Brown keyboards

Produced by Alfred Caston + Floyd Turner for Rampart Street Music
Associate Producer: Albert Mickel + Jessie Veal
Photography/Artwork: Mervin A. Douglas
All selections published by Jamalar Agency (ASCAP)
Year Released: 2002

For booking information, contact:
Rampart Street Music
PO Box 850092, New Orleans, LA 70185
Tel: 504.943.0353, Fax: 504.943.0468