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Solo Art SACD-106

Joe Turner
Stride by Stride, Vol. 1

I was born November 3, 1907, in Baltimore, Maryland. At the age of five my mother taught me piano (ear training) and then, after awhile, I improved alone. When I was twelve years old I took music lessons for six months. My very first teacher, a woman, was a "clock-watcher", which I didn't like. I paid her 75 cents an hour. The week after, I took lessons from my new teacher, a Mrs. Alma J. Thomas, wife of A. Jack Thomas, a well known musical director in Baltimore. What I liked about Mrs. Thomas was that she was not a "clock-watcher", but really was really interested in my playing, even cracking my fingers with a ruler when I made mistakes. So, not long after that I used to stand by the piano and say to my Aunt Katie, "I sure wish I could play like that", and then I started playing "shout piano", copying her, but without the benefit of the left hand. Gradually I made such progress in that style that people started considering me a good pianist....

Recorded live on December 6, 1960 at the Cafe Africano, Zurich, Switzerland
Cover Design: Nowicki New Orleans
Production: Barry Martyn
Year Released: 1993

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