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Slim Jim SJR9901

Sweet Pea's Revenge

SPR wishes to thank: All our friends, family, and fans. Ashley, Marlene, Cindy, WJB, The Organ Dr., J. Gros, Midtown Music in Atlanta Ga., Christine, Danielle, the highest of the higher powers, and numerous women in the Niagara Falls area.


Jim Brown lead guitar + vocals, Evan Chieda bass + guitar (track 6) and background vocals, Glenn Pearl rhythm guitar + harmonica + background vocals, Mike Wadsworth Hammond organ + piano, Stephen Randall drums (tracks 1, 3-7) Tony Seruntine drums (tracks 2, 8, 9), Kaye Dorian background vocals.

Produced by SPR and Paul Trahan
Graphic Design and Manufacturing by Diana Thornton
Cover Art by Diana Thornton
SPR Logo by E. Cheida
Year Released: 1999

For booking information:
Sweet Pea's Revenge
P.O. Box 750204, New Orleans, LA 70175-0204