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Sugartown STR010

Hunter Hayes
Make a Wish

Thank you, God, for my talent and everything you've given me. Thanks to the fans for their support. I want to thank my parents for all they've done. Thank you to my grandparents and family for their help along the way. Thanks to Steve Grisaffe, Lee Benoit and Terry Dupuy for helping with this record and many other things. Thanks to Louisiana H.O.T. and all the musicians for a great job. Bayou Boudin, thanks for everything you've done. Special thanks to Michael Caffery for letting me use his studio and making this record. Thanks to all the fairs and festivals for having me.


Louisiana H.O.T. Band: Hunter Hayes lead vocals + accordion + keyboards + background vocals, Fabian Champagne vocals + rhythm guitar + lead guitar + acoustic guitar, Robert Janise drums, Darryl Fontenot vocals + piano + organ, Jimmy Usie bass guitar.

Additional Musicians: Tony Ardoin electric guitar + bass guitar, Reneé Bordelon background vocals, Mike Burch drums, Richard Comeaux steel guitar, Steve Grisaffe bass guitar + acoustic guitar + electric guitar + keyboards + percussion + background vocals, Travis Matte fiddle, Bryan Perrin piano, Charles Ventre piano + Hammond B-3 organ.

Year Released: 2001
Produced by Steve Grisaffe, Hunter Hayes and Lee Benoit
Executive Producers: Michael Caffery and Leo Hayes
Photography by Doug Dugas
Concept and Design by Prejean LoBue

For further information:
Booking: LL&H Productions, LLC, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Tel: 337.654.2905