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Troi Bechet
Vo-Du Bleu

Thank you: First and foremost to God. Thank you Ron for your love and support - you are the love of my life. Alyse, Brandon, Latoya, and Ashanti, I love you with all my heart. Special Thanks to my nurturers, to my mom, my adopted mom, my grandmothers, and adopted grandmothers, you believed in me when I struggled to believe in myself - you shared your strength and wisdom and I am forever grateful. To my girls, Karin, Samirah, and Sharon for your support and encouragement. To all of the fabulous musicians who offered their creative spirit and tremendous musical talent to this project....

Executive Producer: Troi Bechet
Photos by Romney
Design/Manufacturing: Diana Thornton/Crescent Music
Year Released: 2003

For further information contact:
Troi Bechet
P.O. Box 51895, New Orleans, LA 70151-1895
Booking information: tel: 504.914.3012