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Ro-eem TSB0891

Shepherd Band
Teach Me - Love Me


Cheryl T. McKay keyboards, Early Brooks, Jr. lead vocals, Mario Tio guitar + vocals, Reginald T. Haynes (Kahzreahyl) guitars + lead vocals, Ron Hill (Maetofetz) drums, Sean LaRocca keyboards + vocals, Wanda D. Joseph bass + vocals.
Guest musicians: Ben Brecht bass on tk #7, Granderson Johnson percussion tks #4+5, Mark Rigg guitar tk #7, Tony Spann dub/rap tk #9, Greg Dawson alto + tenor sax tk #7, Larry K. Poole trumpet tk #7, Ray Johnson Sr. trombone tk #7, Edwin Johnson trumpet tk #7

Produced by Shepherd Band
Year Released: 1994

Shepherd Posse, P.O. Box 791450, New Orleans, LA 70119