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Forensic audio
Forensic audio work includes 1) noise reduction and intelligibility enhancement, 2) authenticating recordings, and 3) testimony. Every situation is special and requires a different approach. MasterDigital has done forensic audio analysis for over a decade for law enforcement agencies, individuals, and attorneys. We use the CEDAR CambridgeTM system, which is generally acknowledged to be the best collection of forensic audio tools available in the world.

Original recording required
We cannot stress enough the importance of receiving the original recording. Unless we receive the original recording, our efforts will be more costly and less likely to produce the results you desire.

We do not authenticate recordings at this time, except in unusual circumstances. The cost to properly authenticate micro cassette and audio cassette recordings is especially high, since specialized, purpose built machines are required. We may authenticate other types of recordings, but only on a case by case basis. We can refer you to other service providers if necessary.

We do not provide court testimony, except in unusual situations. Depositions are subject to a different fee schedule; please let us know before work starts if you contemplate needing this additional service.

What we provide
We provide two sets of audio, one with the intelligibility enhancement, and one without (i.e. a 'flat transfer'). By making it easy for you to compare both versions, this provides an audit trail for you and the court. We suggest that you accept computer audio files, but we realize in some situations that audio CDs are needed because of physical delivery requirements. Internet delivery is less expensive.

We don't give estimates based on recording time because each project is unique. In addition, setup and analysis is the most important step in the entire process. We will gladly give you an estimate once we receive your material (and you have specified how you want your material delivered). We cannot do work based on whether or not we can improve or hear certain dialog that is important to your case. Results cannot be guaranteed with forensic audio projects. We provide estimates for a nominal fee, which can be applied to your project. The fee for estimates is not refundable, but it includes a short section of processed audio to help you decide whether to complete the project before you commit to doing the work.

Engagement Letter Agreement
We work through attorneys on all forensic audio projects. Because of the specialized nature of forensic audio work, we require our clients to execute an Engagement Letter prior to obtaining our services. This is a protection for both parties. Contact us for a copy of the Engagement Letter.