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Audio is our passion.

Based in the New Orleans area. Since 1991.

CD Mastering
Audio Preservation

Noise Reduction
We have been reducing noise on audio recordings for nearly 20 years, and technology has gotten better each one of those years. Our experience hasn't stood still during that time, either. We're good at noise reduction work.

Original recording needed
It's important that we receive the original recording; if it was 'born digital' then we need the earliest generation of the digital file. Receiving the original recording is especially important with tape and disk recordings, which we specialize in. The first transfer is extremely important.

Setup and Analysis
Setup and analysis is a highly important part of noise reduction. Noise is everywhere, and your particular recording will call for a unique method of treatment. Hisses, clicks, buzzes, hum, etc. — each one calls for a different process, and in a different order. We use the CEDAR CambridgeTM system, which is generally acknowledged to be the best collection of forensic audio tools available in the world. Since we own all of the Cambridge processing modules, we're not limited in our treatment of your audio.

What we provide
This depends on your needs. Often audio restoration is part of another process, such as audio mastering (e.g. for CD), or for inclusion in a film or video. In the latter case, Internet delivery works well in many cases, and is cost effective.

We work on a time and materials basis; we can't give estimates until we have received your material. No description of the problem can substitute for examining the item itself; in many cases, the total recording time isn't even known, much less the setup and analysis time required to even start. We will gladly give you an estimate once we receive your material (and you have specified how you want your material delivered). We cannot do work based on whether or not we can improve or hear certain performances, speakers or content which you might be interested in. We may give you a short section of improved audio so you can make a decision on whether to pursue your project. Results cannot be guaranteed, because sometimes older media is unplayable in parts.