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Frequently Asked Questions
Vadlyd MD12 Mk4 78RPM and RIAA Phono Preamplifier

Can the Vadlyd MD12 be used with consumer audio equipment?
Yes, the unit also has RCA phono connectors for consumer audio equipment.

Can I purchase the unit directly from MasterDigital?
Yes, payment may be made by PayPal or approved purchase order. PayPal accepts credit cards.

Can I return the unit after I buy it?
You can return the unit (in new condition, with all original documentation and packing material) for any reason within 7 days, less shipping and a 10% restocking charge. If your unit is not operating properly during the first 180 days, we will replace the unit or refund your purchase at our option, less shipping.

Is there a popping noise when changing the eq settings?
Yes. This is an artifact of any design where a resistor/capacitor path is changed in a feedback loop. Slowly changing eq settings greatly reduces or even eliminates audible popping.