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Fred LeBlanc
Playing the Game of My Life

So we're playing a music conference/festival in Rennes, France in about 1993 and the place is packed. The French go completely wild for Cowboy Mouth. I can feel the adrenaline dripping off me in buckets that night. For the rest of the evening, it's a never-ending litany of reporters, record execs, well wishers, and hangers on. All looking for a large piece of the small pie - and all at once. In the middle of this insanity a strong unseen hand puts me into a tiny closet, where I am greeted by a small group of renegade French photographers who are obviously under the influence of various forms of European hallucinogens. One of them hands me a plastic red circle and says ""poot awn zees clown nose!" What the hell, so I put it on and they began shooting pictures while screaming and laughing hysterically. Ladies and gentlemen, this is my life....


Fred LeBlanc on everything, except Kassy backing vocal on "Florida Moon"

Year Released: 1998
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