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The Ronnie Kole Show
Live in Concert at St. Scholastica Academy

CD front

I have been asked for years to record a CD with the septet format that I use for festivals and concerts... We went into the studio and started recording, but it lacked the excitement that we get performing in front of an audience... So the next step was to record live at a concert or a festival like the French Quarter Festival or the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, then came an opportunity to record live at a concert for St. Scholastica Academy... The auditorium had good acoustics, and that's all we needed...


Ronnie Kole piano, Lloyd Cambre drums, Bob Sunda bass, Barney Floyd trumpet, Jeff Alpert trombone, Chris Summer sax + clarinet.

Disc One Disc Two
Live Sound Producer: Chris Schneider
Live Sound Engineer: Chris Schneider, Mike Bell & David Heintz
Photography by Expressions Photography of Louisiana
Year Released: 2005

For further information, contact
Ronnie Kole
P.O. Box 5519, Slidell, LA 70469
Tel: 504.524.5716