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Featuring Carl Michaels

LeRoux is a nationally prominent southern rock group that was elected to the Louisiana Hall of Fame in 2009. LeRoux takes its name from the Cajun French term for the thick and heavy gravy base (roux) that's used to make a gumbo. Louisiana's LeRoux (the first Capitol album) was a musical gumbo that balanced various instruments and arrangements for some spicy, mouth-watering pop-rock. Their Southern anthem "New Orleans Ladies," was voted Song of the Century by Gambit Magazine (a New Orleans publication). LeRoux stayed with Capitol Records until 1981. In 1981 they recorded The Last Safe Place Album for RCA. This record produced the top 20 hit "Nobody Said It was Easy" and the top 5 AOR hit "Addicted". The group's final RCA record produced the MTV hit "Carrie's Gone"....

Produced by Rex Pearce and Dale Murray
Graphic Design by Joe Paikowski and Disc Makers
All songs were recorded in 1981 by the original LeRoux members with Carl Michaels on lead vocals except for "Double Talk" and "Eclipsed by Love". Those songs were recorded by LeRoux and Carl Michaels in 2010.
Year Released: 2010

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