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To Be True
At His Feet

You will find that most of the tracks on this CD are very slow and simple and that there are few "upbeat" songs. While some may find this boring or unfulfilling, we would say the opposite. The purpose of this project is mainly to provide worshipping Christians with music that inspires deeper intimacy with Jesus. While "upbeat" praise songs can be uplifting and encouraging in worship, we feel that deeper intimacy with the Lord requires a worship environment that is quiet and calm enough to allow the still small voice of God to reach us on a conversational level. Our only hope is that we have made this possible for the listener on this album.

Produced by Casey Campbell, Jonathan James and Nathan Pace
Funded by St. Timothy United Methodist Church
Art Direction: Elevated Media Group
Photography: Cheyenne Cain
Year Released: 2002

For further information:
Nathan Pace tel: 504.512.0459 or
Amy Reynolds tel: 985.674.1392 or