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Ronnie Kole
Music of the Vines, Vol. Two

Most of the music for Music of the Vines II was written at the Chateau that they are titled for. In a few cases I was inspired enough in a particular vineyard that I just kept writing with a vision in my mind of the person that I wanted to write about. Two of those inspirational chateaux were Chateau Franc-Mayne (St. Emilion) and Chateau Jolys (Pau, which is in the foothills of the Pyrenees) which is in Music of the Vines I....

I dedicate this CD to my wife Gardner, who introduced me to the fine wines of France, and to Jean Michel Cazes, who introduced me to the fine wine makers of Bordeaux.


Ronnie Kole piano + keyboard samples, Christopher M. Schneider keyboard samples.

Produced by Ronnie Kole + Christopher M. Schneider
Year Released: 1999

For further information, contact
Ronnie Kole
P.O. Box 5519, Slidell, LA 70469
Tel: 504.524.5716