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Brock n' Roll 042297

Brock n' Roll
The Good Ole Spirit of Rock n' Roll

Brock n' Roll is from New Orleans. The home of Jazz, and Louisiana home of Cajun Zydeco, Brock n' Roll does not sound like a band from that region. Brock n' Roll is a classic rock style band from way down in Louisiana close to New Orleans. "They don't sound like a band from New Orleans" Tate Hebert - (Fan/Guitarist) They have developed their own sound, it's not funk or punk, it's not alternative, and certainly ain't no disco!" Brock n' Roll is a New Orleans original that should be heard!" - A. Riggag, May 1997


Matt Brown drums + percussion, Brock vocals + guitar + bass + keyboards, Rick McQuillis keyboard + backing vocals. Additional musicians: Daryl Sebastian bass, Rick Hart guitar, John Touche backing vocal, Ray Pedroza backing vocal.

Produced by Brock A. Musmeci
All songs written by Brock A. Musmeci and published by Brock n' Roll Publishing (BMI)
Year Released: 1997

Brock n' Roll
P.O. Box 9014, Metairie, LA 70055
Tel: 504.835.7486, 888.740.ROLL (toll free)