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Mike Coscino
People, Places & Strings

Thanks: God for blessing me with freedom to express myself in a way that can possibly have a positive impact on people's lives.

Jamie, for standing by me through the good times and the bad, the rich times and the poor, in sickness and in health, and for being my lifetime soulmate.

Dannie & Jeremy, the biggest gift that a person could receive is the gift of a child. I have been blessed with both a son and a daughter. The love, inspiration, and challenges I have experienced because of being their father is something I cherish every day.

Coscino's Pizza for sponsoring me. The best pizza on the planet.


Mike Coscino guitars + bass + vocals, Robert Sturcken bass + keyboards + vocals + sax, Chris McHugh drums, Eric Darken percussion, Zondra White Jones vocals (track 11), Mel Walle drums

Produced by Robert Sturcken
Year Released: 2007