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Troubadours of Divine Bliss
There's No Place Like Om

Special Thanks and Blissings to: The Wizard Extrodanaire, Alan Ferguson, who believed from the beginning.... Jerry "Mista Twista" Embree for capturing MAGIC and creating music on the Bruiser (sax).... Astra "Disastra" Kelly for her inspiration in song.... Sizzlin' Sue Corcoran for cover photo.... Madeline "Queen of the Bunny Clan" for back photo.... David "Yunita" Gipsy" Brinks for graphic design of front and back cover.... Daring Derek Hauffe for CD graphic design.... Miguel "Heyokah" for Heyokah Melodica.... Prince Leo "The Leaper" Boekbinder for flute and a giving heart.... To all our family and friends who are brave enough to believe in Bliss... and above all we are full of thanks for the Divine Spirit who lives in our hearts and sings through us. We return this humble gift to YOU... We love you from the heart... Aim Me and Renee

Produced by Aim Me Smiley and Renee Ananda
Year Released: 1997

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