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Scotty Hill's French Market Jazz Band

As a child of 4, Scott Hill remembers the processions of brass bands at funerals passing very close to his home in the Carrollton neighborhood of New Orleans. He also enjoyed going with his parents as a cruise ship was about to sail, where bands like Oscar "Papa" Celestin would play. Little did he know what an impact all of this would have on his life....


Scotty Hill trombone, David Torkanowsky piano + synthesizer + organ, Herlin Riley drums, Erving Charles Jr. bass, David Lastie tenor sax, Edward Dowling trumpet + flugelhorn, Otis Bazoon clarinet + soprano sax, Niel Unterseher banjo

Year Released: 2000
Produced and Arranged by Scott C. Hill

For further information, contact:
Scott C. Hill
937 Dumaine Street, New Orleans, LA 70116
Tel: 504.568.0190