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Kathryn Scheldt
Southern Girl

From Memphis blues to southern rock, from Nashville country to the lilting ballads of American folk - and just a little rockabilly for spice - Kathryn Scheldt moves with effortless command through the varieties of music she has absorbed. The result is Southern Girl, a powerful collection of songs, all of them written or co-written by Scheldt, and springing from the heart of her Gulf Coast South. It is a part of the world she loves with a passion totally devoid of sentimentality. And in these twelve original songs she produces a portrait of that place - from Mobile to Memphis, from the Louisiana coast to the hills of Carolina....

Produced by Kathryn Scheldt
Co-producers: Frye Gaillard, Barry Little, and Mike Severs
Photos by Toni Riales
Graphics by Susie Simmons
Year released: 2009

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