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Recycled Cajuns
J'ai etais au bal heir au soir

For some time now the RECYCLED CAJUNS have been entertaining travelers on Bourbon Street. Many of these French Quarter visitors have come to south Louisiana in search of the continuous bon temps of the cajun culture and, of course, the music. With their feet planted firmly in the foundation of traditional cajun music, the RECYCLED CAJUNS constantly push their sound into the modern world. Their re-vamping of cajun and zydeco standards along with new sounds makes their music "the best music we've heard." and "the most fun we've had since we got to New Orleans." as stated by many travelers.


Isaac "Zeke" Miller, Jr. accordion + vocals, Steve Phillips lead guitar + vocals, Mike Dugas bass + vocals, Stephen Randall drums + vocals, Elaine "Precious" Dugas scrubboard

Year Released: 1998
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