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Steamboat Willie
A New Orleans Kind of Love

"A New Orleans Kind of Love" has come together for some of you to experience love through song for the first time, others to recapture love feelings that were wounded or lost through heartbreak, but for all, a revival. Share the passion which comes when you love someone and have that love coming right back at you. Steamboat Willie treats you to wondrous experiences that will touch your heart. Embrace the warmth lovers share through this collection of romantic ballads laced with a subtle dose of Dixieland.... Maggie Bullock, Sydney, Australia.


Steamboat Willie vocals + trumpet, Seva Benet guitar, Jerry Jumonville sax, Doug Potter string bass, Steve Rohebok piano + arrangements, Freddie Staehle drums, Rick Trolsen trombone, Jon Armdursky (guest artist) clarinet.

Year Released: 2004

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