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Bayou Liberty Jazz Band
Recovery Jazz

Good News! Traditional jazz is alive and well on the Northshore. Formed over 15 years ago by the late, great Jack Galatas, the Bayou Liberty Jazz Band has strived to preserve and teach the sounds of traditional New Orleans jazz as was often heard there and on the Northshore 50 years ago. The band draws its name from Bayou Liberty, one of the many waterways that wind through Slidell on its way to Lake Pontchartrain. We play an improvisational style that actually dates back to the early 1920s and flourished during the Dixieland revival of the 1950s.....


Willie Gray trumpet, Rory Duffour clarinet + sax + vocals, Tom Carleton trombone, Paul Spitzfaden piano, Pat Cooke bass, Paul Tasso drums.

Year Released: 2008
For further information:
Rory Duffour
1400 Hwy. 190 West, Slidell, LA 70460