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Future Family Records

Gov't Majik
Party Favors

Aww yeah New Orleans, once again it's on! Had to mint this record at The New Orleans Afro-Tech Institute of Technology where we're immune to everyday expectations and limitations, thus free to explore the extraordinary - know what I'm sayin?! Vol. 2 coming soon, don't sleep on the Majik.


Gov't Majik: Bru Bruser bass, David Hyman guitar, Eduardo Tozzatto keyboards, Kyle Sharamitaro drums.

Future Family: Gabriel Velasco drums + percussion (1,11,13), Mike Dillon percussion (1,3,5,6,7,12), Khari Lee saxophone (1,5,11,12,13), Tim Green saxophone (5), Jamelle Williams trumpet (1,8,13), Arty Trails vocals (1,3,4,8), Clit Majik vocals (3,5,8).

Year Released: 2009
Written, produced and directed by G Majik in the New Future
Artwork by Miranda Lake (
Graphic design by Scott W (