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Kathryn Scheldt
Gettin' Ready

I first heard Kathryn Scheldt in a little oak-shaded chapel in Mobile, Alabama, the late autumn sun slanting through the windows, as she sang of hope and mercy and despair. There was a great power in the lyrics that seemed inseparable from the strength of her voice - a rich contralto that was different from anything I had heard. I had grown up in this particular church, and knew it as a place where soprano voices of the Sunday morning choir paid their own homage to the music of the past. But now here was Kathryn singing by herself - singing, as it happened, in the weeks just after Hurricane Katrina, and wrapping the heartache we could see all around us in the sacred compassion that came with her faith....

Produced by Kathryn Scheldt and Mike Severs
Photographs by Toni Riales
Graphics by Barry Little
Liner notes by Frye Gaillard
Year released: 2007

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