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Shanna Barberio

Thanks to the Holy Spirit, who inspired this whole project and taught me how to play the piano, my wonderful husband Neil, Ben Manuel, Casey Campbell, Windy Campbell, Ben Davis, The Mission Church, Cornerstone Church of Amite, Community Church of God in Christ, Michael Leto, Toni Lanier, Tiffany Wale, Sherry DeGruy, Nikol Markert, Denny Barberio, Tony Muse with Asaph Productions Psalm 73 and the Asaph Choir....


Shanna Barberio all lead vocals + backup vocals on tracks 6 and 11 + piano + keyboard, Ben Manuel electric guitar + acoustic guitar + bass + fretless bass + mandolin + percussion, Ben Davis drums, Casey Campbell electric guitar on tracks 2 and 7 + backup vocals on track 2, Michael Leto bass on tracks 2 and 7, Neil Barberio percussion + acoustic guitar on tracks 3 and 9, Denny Barberio organ on track 12, Tiffany Wale backup vocals on track 1, Toni Lanier backup vocals on tracks 7 and 8, Windy Campbell backup vocals on track 4, Asaph Productions Psalms 73 choir vocals on track 12.

Produced by Ben Manuel, Casey Campbell, Neil and Shanna Barberio
Photographs by Tiffany Wale
Graphic design by Nikol Markert
Year Released: 2006
All songs written by Shanna Barberio except "Nothing But the Flood"

For correspondence and booking information contact:
Neil Barberio, tel: 985.517.1482