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Isaac's Guns
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

We would like to thank: all of the New Orleans press, Maurice Alvarado, C&M Music Center, The Carrollton Station Crew, Rob Clemenz, Todd Credur, Rick Duplantier, Katha Fields, Sol Heiman, Lorraine S. Hotstream, House of Blues, The Howlin' Wolf, Ron Keller, Sharon Kelley, Fred Kemp, John Kennedy, Ken Lasseigne, Beryl Laufer, Sid Lewis, Bill Mandella, Mark and Laura at "the end," Suzy Montero, Rolland Neve, Kevin Noonan, Ellis Pailet, Eddie Pearce, Jerry and Carol Pitts, Guy Pizzo, Allen Roussel, David C. Smith, Tipitina's. Mark Vile.


Mary Lasseigne bass guitar + trumpet + vocals + percussion, Whitney A. McCray vocals + acoustic guitar + harmonica + percussion, Ron Hotstream vocals + 12 & 6 string acoustic & electric guitars + mandolin + saxophone + percussion + harmonica, Kyle Meades drums + percussion, Eric Pitts organs + vibes + piano. Also thanks to Chad Buckmeister organs + vibes + piano, Greg Finsley drums, The Bayou Beans (additional backing vocals on "Crush on Elvis"), and The Afterbirth Brass Band.

Produced by Marc Hewitt + Ron Hotstream
All songs arranged by Isaac's Guns
Photography & Design by David Hotstream
Year Released: 1999

For further information, write
Isaac's Guns
P.O. Box 840117, New Orleans, LA 70184-0117